Responsible Gaming

Responsible Betting

Playing or betting can be both fun and lucrative. But it can win every time. Losing, as in every game and race, is part of the game and he's prepared for that. You should make a thought move when you play or bet, and you should not risk more than you can afford. Playing games or betting can be addictive, causing material and spiritual loss. The leader wants to create a positive and healthy playing atmosphere even if you lose. That's why we're working hard to help you control games.

Sitting Time Limitation

We offer a service that reminds our users of the time they spend on our site. If you wish to request that this reminder limit be addressed to your account [email protected] you can send an e-mail to our address.

Staying In Control

We want to get to know all of our users so that they can reveal their own, their whole and their secrets. Together we offer you a variety of ways to prevent a healthy gaming environment and adopt a problematic gaming policy. Please contact our support team for further information.

Gambling Problem

If you think you're playing too many games, you can take a distance period ranging from 24 hours to 6 months, and leave yourself out of our system for that time. If you think you need professional help, we are ready to help you.

Family Supervision

Do you think your child should have access to this site? If you share your computer with young children, make sure that information such as your username, password and credit card details are safe. You can also use software such as NetNanny and CyberPatrol designed to prevent children from accessing your computer. If you need any help with this please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] address.

Account opening and / or gaming or betting for persons under 18 years of age is prohibited. Liderbahis reserves the right to request users to prove that they are living with an official identity and to freeze their accounts until this is fulfilled.

Social Responsibility

Do you think a close friend or relative has a gambling problem? Please, with one of our support [email protected] please contact on. They can help you and your concerned family.

Support and assistance

If you consider that gambling affects you (or someone else's life) then the following questions may help you find out:

1. Did you ever lie about knitting the money you gambled or the time you spent?

2. Did debates, failures or disappointments make you want to gamble?

3. Did you gamble alone for long?

4. Do you stay away from work or school to gamble?

5. Do you gamble to get rid of a boring or unhappy life?

6. Do you feel uncomfortable spending' gambling money ' on something else?

7. Have you registered family, friends or entertainment interests for gambling?

8. Do you feel like I have to play and win again to reclaim your loss after losing?

9. If you run out of gambling money,do you feel bad, sad and want to gamble again when you are able to stick?

10. Do you gamble until you run out of money?

11. Have you ever borrowed or lied to someone in your life when you need money to gamble?

12. Have you ever thought about gambling so bad, damper, even suicide?

If the positive answers you receive are the majority, you may need help with this problem. You can get detailed support and information from the following people, especially about the conscious game;



E-mail: [email protected]

Contact: + 44 (0) 845 6000133

Phone: + 44 (0) 20 7378 5200

Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7378 5237



E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: + 44 (0) 1384 241 292

Gambling Therapy


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: + 44 (0) 1384 241 292

Ga Gamblers Anonymous


Phone: + 44 (0) 207 384 3040



Phone: + 44 (0) 8700 508 880